Human Best.

The decision of the Jury is that Dobar Glas 2020 scholarship holders are:

Marija Radovanović, violin
Aleksandra Kinđić, oboe
Ivana Damjanov Ilić, piano

The following candidates were especially acclaimed by the Jury:

Slaven Balać, clarinet
Anđela Josifoski, violin
Marija Obradović, flute
Especially acclaimed candidates will be awarded with a performance on one of the concerts of Dobar Glas foundation. By doing so we fulfill our devotion to support and promote their work and talent.

Our goal:

To help young talents to get the best education, to become visible and to get the possibility to create in the fields they love.

Young soloists:

Give a fish to a man and you will feed him for a day.
Teach him how to fish, and you will feed him for life.

Ancient proverb

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