Human Best.


The decision of the Jury is that Dobar Glas 2021 scholarship holders are:

Slaven Balać, clarinet

Sofija Dodig, violin

Milan Đokić, double bass

The following candidates were especially acclaimed by the Jury and they will be awarded with a performance at one of the concerts of Dobar Glas foundation. By doing so, we fulfill our devotion to support and promote their work and talent.

Uroš Adamović, violin

Marija Turšijan, accordion

Sergej Čavić, piano

The interpretation of the youngest candidate, Kristina Vasić, was highly commended by the Jury. She will also be awarded with a performance at Dobar glas foundation's gala concert.


Our goal:

To help young talents to get the best education, to become visible and to get the possibility to create in the fields they love.

Young soloists:

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