Human Best.

About us

We are the group of friends that share the love for classical music and art in general. We belong to different professions, but we are connected with our mutual interests. We all have the same goal:
to help young talents.

Gala concerts the Foundation “Dobar Glas”

Organizing the gala concerts, the Foundation “Dobar glas” is offering the chance to the young talents to perform in the big hall of Kolarac Foundation and to share the stage with the current musical stars. Gala concerts are charity events and they are held annually, and the Foundation directs all the money collected from the sold tickets to support and finance young talents.

The Competition of the Foundation “Dobar glas”

Since 2018, the Foundation “Dobar glas” has an annual competition for three scholarships in the amount of 1000 euros each, for the professional development and further education of the artists up to 25 years old. The scholarships are aimed for the competition financing, instrument purchase or the education in master courses.

Members of The Foundation “Dobar glas”:

  • H.R.H. Princess Jelisaveta Karađorđević, honorary member
  • Boris Vujičić, founder, head of the Foundation, regular member
  • Branko Stanojević, founder, regular member
  • Miša Lukić, founder, regular member
  • Zoran Naumović, founder, regular member
  • Miloš Pavlović, founder, associated member
  • Ivan Bender, founder, associated member
  • Aleksandar Spasić, founder, associated member
  • Aleksandar Pavlović, patron, regular member
  • Aleksandar Bakoč, patron, regular member
  • Nenad Damjanović, patron, regular member
  • Goran Milanović, patron, regular member
  • Dejan Tešić, patron, regular member
  • David Žarković, patron, regular member
  • Erich Cossutta, patron, regular member
  • Slobodan Krunić, patron, regular member
  • Vuk Vučević, patron, regular member
  • Marko Kovačević, a friend of the Foundation
  • Dragan Babić, a friend of the Foundation
  • Mirjana Lazarević, a friend of the Foundation
  • Karim Salim, a friend of the Foundation
  • Dragan Đorđević, a friend of the Foundation
  • Galerija LAG, a friend of the Foundation
  • Piano Land, a friend of the Foundation
  • Denis Ibišbegović, a friend of the Foundation
  • Zadužbina Ilije M. Kolarca, a friend of the Foundation

Foundation "Dobar glas" has been intensively collaborating with School for Music talents in Ćuprija since 2012.

  • A lot of work, persistence and sacrifice is necessary for this profession. Numerous numbers of hours spent playing piano is behind me, since I was five, a lot of challenges, rises and falls.

  • I would like to participate in the development of the artistic life in Serbia in any possible way. We have a lot of talented people and the only thing we could do is to encourage them.