2023 scholarship holders

Kristina Vasić


Kristina Vasić was born on February 25, 2012, in Paraćin. She started playing the saxophone at the age of three and a half, and had her first public performance at the age of four in the premises of the music school. At the age of five, she performed as a soloist in the school orchestra in front of a full theater, and at the age of six, she won her first prize at an international competition in Belgrade, becoming the youngest awarded saxophonist in Serbia.

Kristina has won over 30 awards at various competitions in Serbia and abroad. She regularly competes in all prestigious international and national competitions, often winning laureate awards with a maximum score of 100 points. She is one of the few in Serbia who consistently wins and achieves top results in competitions. In addition to awards from various competitions, Kristina is the youngest recipient of the special award for culture and art “Svetislav Milić,” which was presented to her in Niš. The Serbian Music Center declared Kristina a musical talent in 2022, and in the same year, she was named Student of the Year by the publisher “Vukova Zadužbina”. Kristina is also the recipient of the Golden Plaque of the municipality of Paraćin. In 2023, Kristina was the winner of a one-time scholarship from the “Dobar Glas” foundation.

In 2020, she was the youngest registered candidate at the audition for the prestigious classical music competition “Virtuosos Talent Show,” which took place at the RTS studio with a television broadcast. Through several rounds of eliminations, Kristina was chosen as one of the four winners who would represent Serbia in the competition. “Virtuosos Talent Show” brings together the most talented children from five European countries and is presented in the format of a television show with well-known presenters and world-class artists from the classical music world in the jury. Kristina was the youngest participant in the competition, which was broadcast on national channels of the participating countries. She advanced through two more elimination rounds and reached the final, competing against children who were at least twice her age. This made her the youngest finalist in the history of the competition. She won a special award, was the audience favorite, and her performance from the semifinals became the most popular and watched on social media. “Virtuosos Talent Show” had over a hundred million viewers on television alone since its inception.

After the competition, Kristina’s popularity significantly increased, and since then, she has been a guest on many TV shows such as “RTS Morning Program,” “I Love Classical Music RTS,” “Šarenica RTS,” “This is Serbia RTS,” “Belgrade Chronicles RTS,” “NTC Quiz RTS,” “Tanjug News,” “Nova S Morning Program,” and “Prelo in Our Alley Happy TV.” Additionally,Prva TV has produced a mini-documentary about her, and RTS is currently working on a documentary about Kristina’s life, which is being filmed for the “European Broadcast Union” under the title “I can do it.”

Various newspapers like “Politika,” “Večernje novosti,” “Vesti,” and others have often written about her, and she has frequently appeared on the front pages. Social media platforms regularly follow her development.

Although very young, Kristina has had the privilege of performing under the baton of world-renowned conductors such as Maestros Dian Tchobanov, Apor Szuts, Gabor Bolerung, Janos Kovacs, Tibor Boganyi, and Vladimir Krnetić. Maestro Eugene Kohn, the concert director for Andrea Bocelli, wrote a recommendation for her. She has had the opportunity to perform at concerts around the world, playing with orchestras or as a soloist accompanied by piano. Some of the places and events where she has performed include the Nišville Jazz Festival (main stage), Tašmajdan Stadium in Belgrade, radio Belgrade, DKC Belgrade, KC Vlada Divljan Belgrade, Kolarac Great Hall in Belgrade, Hotel Constantine the Great Belgrade, ArtGet Gallery in Belgrade, Beli Dvor Belgrade, Eđšeg Cultural Station Novi Sad, Vigado Concert Hall Budapest, House of Music Budapest, Museum of Fine Art Budapest, Zeneakademia Great Hall Budapest, Hotel Aria Budapest, Olympic Center Gyor, and the Jubilee Stage Dubai World Expo.

She has performed at various events and venues alongside renowned artists such as Beti Đorđević, Maks Kočetov, Marija Jelić, Ana Pirozzi, Elina Nechayeva, and Gergely Boganyi. Maestro Placido Domingo invited her as a guest to a crowded stadium Tašmajdan, which was hailed as the cultural event of the year. He later praised Kristina as one of the greatest young musical talents in Europe. She was also selected to be a member of the orchestra accompanying the famous opera singer Alicja Wegorzewska, who is also the director of the Polish National Opera. The orchestra consisted of renowned artists such as Croatian guitarist Petar Čulić, the chief conductor of the Slovak National Opera pianist Peter Valentovič, and the chamber ensemble Virtuoza. Kristina was the only underage member of the orchestra.

In addition to these concerts, Kristina had the opportunity to perform at two international political events – the Transatlantic Summit in Budapest and a concert for high-ranking officials of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. She was a special guest of the Symphony Orchestra of Radio Television of Serbia when she was only eight years old, and two years later, she performed with the Symphony Orchestra of Radio Television of Hungary. She also had the honor of performing with the RTS Big Band.

Thanks to her immense talent and progress beyond her years, Kristina attends regular school in Paraćin and takes weekly saxophone lessons with high school teacher Srđan Paunović in Belgrade. She also often consults with academic professor Gabor Bunford in Novi Sad. She has had masterclasses with professors Marko Džomba, Bojan Vukelić, Georgios Ligeridis, Detlef Bensmann, and Gordana Tudor, who described her as a world wonder.

Miona Topalović


Miona Topalović is a third-year student at the University of Music in Mannheim in the class of prof. Marko Rizzi. She is also a student of the Faculty of Musical Arts in the class of professor Ivana Aćimovski-Žikić. She was under the tutelage of professor Radana Vranešević for many years, and finished high school in the class of professor Mina Nikolić. Since 2012, she has been a student of Professor Dejan Mihailović's Interpretive Violin Study. She had a number of solo concerts and performances in Belgrade (Ilija M. Kolarca, Gallery of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Artget Hall of the Cultural Center Belgrade, Belgrade City Assembly, National Theater Atrium). As part of the KotorArt - Festival of Strings, she gave recitals in the concert hall of the Holy Spirit.

She has won a large number of high awards at national and international competitions, among which stand out: "Stringfest", laureate, Republic competition, laureate, international competitions; Jozef Micka", Prague 1st prize, "Talents for Europe" Slovakia, 2nd prize, "Jaroslav Kocian" Czech Republic, 1st prize, "Pearls of Ohrid", 1st prize, Macedonia.

As a winner of the "Emcy" (European Union of Music Competitions for Youth) award, she participated in the Fifth International Festival "European Concerts in St. Petersburg" and played accompanied by the youth symphony orchestra in the D.D. Shostakovich Philharmonic. She performed with other award winners in a quartet and other chamber ensembles at concerts in Luxembourg, Belgium, and Germany.

As a member of the chamber ensemble, she performed for years with the Artlink Chamber Orchestra. He is an active member of the "Youth Strings Team", which performed at EXPO in Dubai 2020 and had concerts throughout the country and region. She is currently an active member of the Mannheim Chamber Philharmonic.

Thanks to the Dobar glas Foundation, she was one of the participants of the Nemanja Radulović Master Camp in 2023. She also attended many master classes by professors and artists: Stefan Milenković, Maje Jokanović, Arkadij Vinokurov, Pavela Doležala, Uki Ovaskaina, Krištof Barati, Ištvan Vardai, Đorđe Mandolezij, Milice Zulus-Dimić, Ksenija Janković... Miona is a scholarship holder of the Foundation for Young Talents of the City of Belgrade, and thanks to them she plays the violin of maestro Giovanni Lazar from Padua. She was awarded a scholarship by the Ministry of Education as an Exceptionally Gifted student, and earlier this year she was the recipient of an Erasmus scholarship.

Staša Žikić


Staša Žikićwas born in December 2001. in Belgrade. Now she is a master student at Faculty of Music in Belgrade, in the class of professor Ivana Aćimoski-Žikić. She is also studying in Graz (Austria) in class of professor Vesna Stanković-Moffatt.

During her school time she has won numerous awards and recognitions: Third prize at the International Competition “Jaroslav Kocian” 2017 in Usti nad Orlici (Czech Republic); First prize at International Competition Constantinus in 2021., Laureat at Art of Strings international competition in 2018; Second prize at the International Competition “Ohrid pearls” 2018. (Ohrid, Macedonia); Second prize at the International Violin Competition”, “Nedeljka Simeonova“ (Haskovo, Bulgaria , October 2016); First prize at the International Strings Competition Niš, (Serbia) in 2015, 2017 and 2019., First prize at the National Competition in Belgrade 2016. and 2018. , Second prize at the International competition “Petar Konjović“ in Belgrade 2015. As a finalist of the MIN International music Competition for strings, she took part in final concert in Narvik Concert Hall (Narvik, Norway) in November 2018.

She has attended master classes with prof. Pavel Vernikov (Austria), Anton Sorokow (Austria), Alexander Pavlovsky, Stefan Milenković, Nemanja Radulović, Roman Simović, Dragutin Mladenović, Tatjana Balašova (Russia), Angel Stankov (Bulgaria), Igor Volochin (France), Lazar Miletić (Norway)…

She is a scholarship recipient of the Dobar glas foundation for the year 2022 and 2023 and a participant in Nemanja Radulović's Master Camp. In December 2023., she was chosen by the commission as a one-time scholarship from Dobar glas foundation.

From 2016., Staša Žikić is scholar of the Foundation for young talents of the Republic of Serbia and Internationale Musikakademie Liechtenstein. She is also the winner of the annual award ‘Dositej’ for 2017., 2018. and 2019. by the fund for Young Talents of the Republic of Serbia.

Staša Žikić participated in the 2022. Colluvio CHAMBER MUSIC Academy. As part of the Academy, she had a concert tour in the cities of Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary and Serbia. She is a participant in the course Psychology and Music, Interdisciplinary Encounters, in collaboration with Prof. David Dolan (London) in 2022.

She gave a series of recitals in: CLU Gvarnerijus, SANU Gallery, KNU Gallery, KS Svilara in Novi Sad ("Greats of violin literature"). In February 2023, she gave a recital in the Great Hall of KNU.

She performed on many concert stages as a soloist and representative of the Faculty od Music in Belgrade: Kolarac Great Hall, Kolarac Gallery, SANU Gallery, SKC, King Peter's House, National Theater Museum, in the National Library, Princess Ljubica's Residence, Hall of the Jewish Community, ARTGET Gallery, UK Old Town, Matica Srpska Gallery, etc.

On the 25.12.2022., she held a festive Christmas concert in Sorrento (Italy) in the Chiesa della Santissima Annunziata church, accompanied by the Sorrento Sinfonietta International Chamber Orchestra and conductor Paolo Scibilja.

Staša is a member of the String Chamber Orchestra St. George, with whom she also performed as a soloist, in cooperation with the director Srboljub Dinić in the Belgrade Assembly and the Great Kolarac Concert Hall. At the grand concert of the FMU in Belgrade, she performed in the Great Kolarac Concert Hall as a soloist in December 2021. She had concerts as a soloist with the orchestras of the MasterArt Academy and Art Link in Belgrade, and once again in the Great Kolarac Concert Hall.

She performed as a soloist at the gala concert of the FMU in Belgrade in the Kolarac Great Hall in December 2021. She also had concerts as a soloist with the orchestras BEOM, MasterArt Academy and Art Link in Belgrade, also in the Great Hall of Kolarac


2022 scholarship holders

Bogdan Dugalić


Bogdan Dugalić was born on 11th of October 2003. Bogdan acquired his secondary musical education at the "Mokranjac" Music School in the class of Professor Marko Đorđević. He is currently studying with professor Pavel Gililov at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg aswell as with professor Konstantin Bogino at Perosi Academy in Biella. He has won over 30 prizes in national and international competitions, most significant of which are: 2nd prize and the special prize for the best performance of the chamber music piece at the Maj Lind International Piano Competition 2022., 1st prize at Arona International Piano Competition 2022., 1st prize at Città di San Dona di Piave International Piano Competition 2022. and 2nd prize and the Audience award at 10th international "Isidor Bajić Memorial" 2021.

Bogdan has collaborated with Helsinki Radio Symphony Orchestra, Serbian Radio Orchestra, Serbian Symphony Orchestra, Royal Strings of Saint George, led by concertmaster Sreten Krstić aswell as with Kamus Quartet, performing under the baton of Anna-Maria Helsing, Bojan Suđić and many others. He has played in most important Serbian concert halls and all around the Europe including Helsinki Music Centre, Belgrade Philharmonic Hall, Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment, City Hall of Belgrade, etc. In 2019, Bogdan has benefited a full scholarship at the Perosi Academy in Konstantin Bogino's class. He was also a recipient of scholarship for the extremely gifted young artists, supported by the Serbian Government. Bogdan has attended to many masterclasses, working with names such as: Dmitry Alexeev, Dina Yoffe and many others.

Irina Pejoska


Irina Pejoska was born on November 10th, 2002 in Belgrade, Serbia. So far, she has won over twenty awards at competitions in the country and abroad, of which twelve are first prizes and four are laureate awards. At the age of 16, she enrolled in the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, in the class of professor Ph.D. Milena Stanišić. Some of the particularly important awards she has won so far are the Award of the City of Belgrade for the creativity of young people in the field of art for the year 2020 - which she won as a member of the harp quartet "The Four of Us", and the Saint Sava Award, which was presented to her by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia in the year 2019, for the exceptional results she has achieved so far.

Due to her extraordinary achievements, she is the winner of the award and recognition of the Austrian Cultural Forum in 2020 and the "Rotary District" club award, as well as a scholarship for exceptionally gifted students of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and a Dositeja scholarship for the results achieved in 2018. With the chamber ensemble "Agatos", she won the "Olivera Đurđević" award for the best chamber ensemble of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.

She enriched our domestic and foreign music scene with her concert performances. As a soloist accompanied by an orchestra, she performed in Great Hall of the Ilija M. Kolarac with the "Metamorfozis" string orchestra at the International Harp Festival in Belgrade, with the orchestra of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, as well as with the orchestra of the "Stanković" music school. She held solo concerts in the Great Hall of the Ilija M. Kolarac, the cultural institution "Guarnerius", the ceremonial hall of the music school "Stanković", the concert hall of the capital of Indonesia, the extremely respectable and luxurious resort of The Sundanese Cultural Village Paseban, the Gallery Matica Serbs and emigrants, the Cultural Center Pančevo, as well as in many other eminent halls Serbia.

She is an active member of several chamber ensembles. She held notable performances at the International Harp Festival in Belgrade, where she performed rare and premiere works, in addition to which she also had multimedia concerts. The project "Monet's musical colors" is her first independent project supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information, during which she organized and performed six concerts in several Serbian cities as a soloist and as a member of a chamber ensemble.

Permanent personal improvement, critical review, and constant search for new and better ways are methods that she consistently applies, forming her own creative style. Also, it is worth mentioning her rich and active attendance at master courses with eminent harpists such as Irina Zink (Switzerland), Milda Agazarian (Russia), Isabelle Moretti (France), Park Stickney (USA), Sylvain Blasel (France), Joel von Lerber (Switzerland), Olga Shevelevich (Russia), Emanuela Deli Esposti (Italy), Ian Jones (Great Britain), Katerina Englikova (Czech Republic), Diana Grubišić Ćiković (Croatia), ed. prof. MA Ljiljana Nestorovska (dean of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade), Lenka Petrović (Serbia), as well as the International Summer School "HarpMasters" in Switzerland and the International Summer School "MusicAlp" in France.

As an exceptional student (with a GPA of 10.00), this young harpist has been drawing the attention of the professional and artistic public to herself for a long time with her work and creativity. She is particularly interested in how to bring art and music closer to the wider population, especially young people. Hence is her need to incorporate different arrangements into her harpist performances and collaborate with performers and composers who cultivate diverse musical styles. With special interest, Irina devotes herself to research, experimentation, and mastering different and more innovative techniques in harp performance.

Strahinja Mitrović

double bass

Strahinja Mitrović was born on September 9th, 2000 in Belgrade. Strahinja started playing double bass when he was 13 and he finished primary and secondary education in music school “Vatroslav Lisinski” in the class of prof. Bogdan Živanović in Belgrade, Serbia. He continued his education at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in the class of prof. Rinat Ibragimov and Luis Cabrera. Unfortunately, his mentor and professor Rinat has passed away and he is currently in his third year in the class of prof. Luis Cabrera and Jose Moreira in London, UK.

Since 2015, Strahinja has been a member of the "Artlink young virtuoso" chamber ensemble, during the season 2015/2016 he had several performances where he performed G. Bottesini’s b-mol concert for double bass and orchestra as a soloist. Within the Artlink Festival, he worked with renowned artists and professors such as Uki Ovaskainen, Kristóf Baráti, Lukáš Pohůnek, Giorgio Mandolesi, Robert Lakatos...

He attended many distinguished professors and artists masterclasses, both in Serbia and abroad, such as Joseph Niederheimer, Edicson Ruiz, Zoran Marković, Ivan Zavgorodniy, Leon Bosh, Mario Ivelja, Diana Gannet, Slobodan Gerić, István Várdai, Pavel Doležal, Radana Vranešević, Stefano Sciascia...

He won a number of high prizes at both national and international competitions, among which: the first prize at the international competition "Petar Konjović", and the special award for the performance of R. Glière’s works which was the first time in the history of that competition given, the first prize at the UMBPS Republic Competition, where he was selected as the laureate of all string instruments, the first prize at the Republican competition ZMBPŠ where he received the laureate award, the first prize at the international competition Stringfest and the laureate for viola, cello, and double bass, the first prize at the International Competition in Niš as well as the special jury award, the first prize in the “Slavic music” competition, etc ..

Since 2016 he has been part of the Foundation for Young Talents of the City of Belgrade.

In 2018, he was selected as one of the five "D'Addario Strings" stipends, and was given the opportunity to participate in the European "Bass Congress" in the city of Lucca, Italy.

In 2019, he was selected as the only high school student ever admitted to the Euphony project in Austria where he performed as an orchestral and chamber musician and collaborated with renowned professors and artists such as Daniel Geiss, Doren Dinglinger, Carla Rodrigues, and Julia Okruashvili. As part of this project, he performed the Rossini duo for cello and double bass with cellist Srdjan Sretenović at the Florenersal Palais Meran Hall in Graz. Strahinja has been playing in as well in orchestras like World Youth Orchestra, Europe Student Orchestra, Festival Academy Budapest, Guildhall Opera Orchestra, Neun Philharmonie Munich, Baltic Sea Philharmonia, Guildhall Symphony Orchestra…

In 2022. Strahinja has become part of the “ String Team of Young Performers” which is a chamber group specially formed and created through the platform “Serbia Creates” and renowned violinist Stefan Milenkovic for representing Serbia at the biggest event in the world “EXPO2020”. Strahinja now regularly performs with the “STYP” As a chamber musician, Strahinja performed with artists such as Jose Gallardo, Stefan Milenkovic, Dines Soma, Srdjan Sretenovic, Kaoru Vada, Craig White, Tatjana Simonovic, Dusan Egeric... In 2020, Strahinja became the first artist that was chosen to become a part of Foundation “Njegoslav B. Solak” SBB and the program “Best of the Best”, which is supporting his education in London. Strahinja also is the holder of the Guildhall School Award.

Strahinja is currently playing an instrument built by Albani in Cremona, from c1750.


2021 scholarship holders

Slaven Balać


Slaven Balac was born on 03/04/2003 in Novi Sad, Serbia. A son of Mirjana and Slobodan Balac, shows an interest in music as early as he is seven and becomes his father's student. Since then he has actively been participating in defining his own musical practice, looking for concepts which lead towards an ideal notion of mastering the skill on the clarinet. After recognizing that the clarinet is their son's ideal construction of musical expression, his parents have decided to devote their own musical ambitions to their son, supporting him in realization of strategical goals and operational performances which define one's performing work and developing stages of a personal musical expression.

In order to fully dedicate himself to the clarinet, fulfilling personal standards and ambitions for success in the field of art, he successfully completed the process of accelerated elementary education in the elementary school. Currently, he is the second year student on the Mozarteum University in Salzburg (Austria) with prof. Wenzel Maria Fuchs. His diligent, self-confident work and persistent practice, by performing works of genius clarinetists, attracts a wide public, both national and foreign, attention to his confidence in the performance of the clarinet. Slaven is a holder of 34 first rewards and 3 laureates, 1 Gran pri, 8 second and 2 third rewards in Serbia, France, Italy, Macedonia, The Czech Republic, Slovenia, Russia, Belorussia, and Romania.

At a prestigious Mc-Gill University in Canada he attended a masterclass held by professor Alain Desgagne from Montreal, Quebec, (Canada), and by professor David Krakauer from the USA. He studied at classes and master classes with professors Sabine Meyer, Wenzel Maria Fuchs, Ralph Manno, Sofia Molchanova (Germany), professor Paolo Beltramini (Italien/Switzerland), professor Esteban Valverde Colares (Spanien), professor Sérgio Fernandes Pires (Portugal), professor Han Kim (Korea), professor Andrej Zupan (Slovenia), professor Damien Bachmann (Switzerland), professor Horia Dumitrache and professor Emil Visenescu (Romania) as part of the International Academy and Festival.

As a solo-performer he performed with the string orchestra of M.S. "Isidor Bajic" from Novi Sad and with a string orchestra of “Morohalom” from Hungary. As a chamber musician he performed in a concert hall of Kolarac Pious Endowment in the state-room of Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.

He is a regular member and a solo-performer of the Young Philharmonic Orchestra "Borislav Pascan" and he played with them in the National Theater in Belgrade conducted by maestro Djordje Pavlovic (Serbia) end Vjaceslav Bortnovskij (Belarus). He was honored to perform in the Serbian Palace before the President Countrise of Serbia.

So far, he has had eighteen solo-concerts in Serbia, Hungary and Bosnia and Hercegovina, as well as over 250 public performances in Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, France, The Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Canada, Russia, Austria, Belarus and Romania. Since 2017 Slaven is a member of the Association of Music Artists of Serbia as the youngest member and also a member of “ISME” Australia and Silverstein Artist, Silverstein Global Work, New York USA.

Sofija Dodig


Sofija Dodig was born on August 30th 2005 in Belgrade, Serbia. She is a first year violin student at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz - Austria in the class for highly gifted students, studying with prof. Emilio Percan and also a third grade student of "Josip Slavenski" Music high school, studying with prof. Ana Veskov. She attended Primary music school "Kosta Manojlovic" in Zemun in the class of prof. Jelena Komatina.

From the start of her musical journey Sofija won numerous first prizes at national and international competitions such as: first prizes at Serbian National Competition in 2021 (when she was appointed Laureate), 2018 and 2016, first prize at the International competition of strings in Niš in 2019, as well as at the "Stringfest" International violin competition in 2017 and 2015. She was the winner of Laureate at the Online International violin competition "Ludmila Weiser" (Croatia), 19th International Music Festival in Ub in 2021 and also at the International string competition "Franjo Krežma" (Croatia) in 2019.

In 2020 she won third prize at the "Ohrid Pearls" EMCY Competition and got invitation from the member of the jury to perform solo recital in the hall of the Macedonian Philharmonic in Skopje. In 2019 she was the finalist of prestigious Kocian Violin Competition Ústí nad Orlicí (Czech Republic).

As excellent chamber musician, Sofija was the winner of Laureate at the International chamber music competition-Camerata Festival in 2020 and at the Serbian National chamber music competition in 2015.

Masterclasses with renowed violinists such as Brian Finlayson, Emilio Percan, Stefan Milenković, Igor Tkatchouk, Nemanja Radulović, Savely Shalman, Mateja Marinković, Tatyana Balashova, Dragutin Mladenović left a significant impact on her musical development.

At the age of 12 Sofija became the youngest member of the European Spirit of Youth Orchestra (ESYO) with whom she performed as a first violin and had a couple of intensive concert tours in Italy and Slovenia (2018, 2019). She was also member of Belgrade Youth Philharmonic with whom she performed in many concerts throughout Serbia. Since 2015 Sofija has been member of Master Art Academy where she has a chance to perform as soloist and also chamber musician.

She held her first solo concert in 2019 at the Gallery of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Belgrade and had a series of recitals at the Kolarac Concert Hall, Belgrade Philharmonic, Cultural Centre of Belgrade Artget Gallery, Macedonian Philharmonic.

For achieving remarkable results Sofija was awarded by several foundations. She is the winner of the scholarships from the Foundation for young talents of Belgrade and the Foundation for young talents of Serbia "Dositeja". She also has a support from "Dobar glas" Foundation.

Milan Đokić

double bass

Milan Đokić was born in Ćuprija on 21.03.2002. He began his musical education at the age of eight as an accordionist at the „Dušan Skovran“ Music School in Ćuprija. He performs at various festivals and international competitions where he has won numerous first prizes. From October 2015. he attended the School for Musical Talents and started playing the double bass in the class of Professor Aleksandar Blagojević. The following year he continued his education in the class of Professor Dušan Zdravković and in just a few years of playing he achieved remarkable results in competitions such as:

  • International competition of strings in Nis, 2017 - 1st prize
  • Republic competition of music and ballet schools, 2018 - 1st prize
  • International competition of strings in Nis, 2019 - a special prize with a maximum of 100 points
  • International string competition "Stringfest" Sremska Mitrovica 2019 - 1st prize
  • Republic competition of music and ballet schools, 2021 - 1st prize

He attended master classes of professors: Ljubinko Lazić (Solo bass of the Belgrade Philharmonic / Chamber ansamble Bassiona Amorosa), Slobodan Gerić (Faculty of Music Belgrade), Zoran Marković (Music Academy Ljubljana), Dragan Loncina (Vienna Symphony Orchestra), Andrei Mihailescu (Solo double bass Weimar) / Germany) Danijel Petrović (Oslo Philharmonic), Gunnars Upatnieks (Berlin Philharmonic / „Hanns Eisler“ Berlin) ...

At the concert marking the 10th anniversary of the "Dobar Glas" Foundation, he performed as a soloist in the Great Hall of the Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation.

In just three years of playing, he got the opportunity to perform in one of the most prestigious concert halls in the world, when in October 2018. he got the audition for the international orchestra Deutsch Skandinavische Jungen Philharmonie. He participates in projects held in December 2018. and 2019. in Berlin under the baton of conductor Andreas Peer Kahler (Berlin) with the final concerts in the chamber and big hall of the Berlin Philharmonic.

In July 2019, he got the audition for the European Spirit of Youth Orchestra and is participating in the summer, fall and winter tours, performing as section leader.

In June 2021, he graduated from the School for musically gifted children and passed the entrance exams at the „Hanns Eisler“ University of Music in Berlin, where he will continue his education in October, the same year, in the class of professor and principal double bassist of the Berlin Philharmonic Matthew MacDonald.


2020 scholarship holders

Aleksandra Kindjić


Aleksandra Kinđić was born on 1st July 2002. She is a first-year bachelor student in the class of professor Dragan Lazić at the University of Arts – Faculty of Music in Belgrade. She attended primary and secondary music school Jovan Bandur in Pančevo. During the school year 2018-19 Aleksandra simultaneously attended the International Oboe Academy conducted by Domeniko Orlando in Tissano, Italy.

Masterclasses with renowned oboists such as Alexei Ogrintchouk, Maurice Bourgue, Hansjörg Schellenberger and Francesko di Rosa left a significant impact in Aleksandra´s musical development.

Aleksandra participated in 2 intercultural high school exchange programs.  She spent 6 months at the Liceo Musicale Isabella D'Este in Mantua (Italy) and attended the Lycée Clos Maire, Beaune (France) for 3 months.

As a member of the European Spirit of Youth Orchestra she participated in 5 tours and played in over 30 concerts in Italy, Slovenia and Austria. Furthermore, she performed together with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Borislav Pašćan as well as with Regional children´s Philharmonic Orchestra.

Being one of the winners of the contest „Young and successful“ she performed as a soloist with the RTS Symphonic orchestra at Kolarac Endowment in Belgrade (2019).

Aleksandra performed 4 solo concerts at Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts Gallery in Belgrade (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019).

Moreover, Aleksandra won various awards at both national and international competitions, such as laureate and first prizes at the National competition in Belgrade (2015, 2017, 2019), International competition „Davorin Jenko“ (2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020.), International competition in Požarevac (2015, 2016, 2018), International competition „Petar Konjović“ in Belgrade (2018), XII International festival of slavic music in Moscow, Russia (2015),  EMCY Competition „Ohrid pearls“ in Ohrid, Macedonia (2015), Emona festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia (2015) and the International competition „Premio Clivis“ in Rome, Italy (2017). 

For achieving outstanding results, Aleksandra was awarded by the Fund for Young Talents of Serbia as well as the Youth talent contest of the province Vojvodina.

Marija Radovanović


Marija Radovanovic was born on July 30th, 2001 in Belgrade, Serbia and started playing violin at the age of 7 in the class of prof. Dusica Mladenovic. In September 2016 she entered the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz- Austria as a student of prof. Emilio Percan and since October 2019 she has been a student of the Folkwang Universität der Künste in Essen, Germany (in the class of Prof. Peter Daniel) as well as the University of  Music in Belgrade (in the class of Prof. Marko Josifoski).

She has won many awards at various international competitions, among which: first prize at the„Ohrid pearls“ EMCY competition in Ohrid, Macedonia (2016) and second prizes at Kocian Violin C Competition  Usti nad Orlici  - Czech Republic (2017) and International Festival of Musical Creativity „Earth is our common home“ – Ekaterinburg, Russia (2017) She has also won first prizes at Serbian National Competition (2014, 2015, 2016, 2018), and third prizes at Kocian Violin Competition  Usti nad Orlici - Czech Republic (2015) and International competition of young musicians „Petar Konjovic“ EMCY  Belgrade - Serbia (2013).

She attended masterclasses held by professors Dejan Mihailovic, Frank Peter Cimerman, Robert Lakatos, Madlen Stokic, Tatiana Samuilova, Artiom Siskov, Tatiana Balashova and Jozef Spacek.

Marija made her debut with orchestra at the age of nine and has appeared as a soloist with Graz University Orchestra, Camerata Musica Szombately, and Belgrade Youth Philharmonic (with whom she performed at the Tasmajdan Stadion in front of 10 000 people at the event „Night of music“).

She performed at numerous festivals such as Ljubljana Festival, ArtLink Festival in Belgrade, Moritzburg Festival (as a participant of the Moritzburg Festival Academy), Ohrid Summer Festival. In the summer of 2019 she performed as a concertmaster of the Verbier Festival Junior Orchestra in Switzerland. In August 2019 she was a student of the chamber music workshop of the Kaposfest in Kaposvár, Hungary.

Marija is a soloist and concertmaster of „ArtLink Virtuosi“ Chamber Orchestra with whom she had a chance to cooperate with Istvan Vardai, Robert Lakatos, Giorgio Mandolesi.

She is also the winner of the scholarship from the foundation for young talents “Dositeja” and the scholarship from the Republic Foundation for Development of Scientific an Artistic Youth.

Ivana Damjanov Ilić


Ivana Damjanov Ilic was born in Zrenjanin in 1999. As an exceptional talent, she enrolled at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in 2016 in the class of Professor Milan Miladinovic, two years ahead of her generation. Due to the excellent artistic results she achieved in her first two years of studies, as an extraordinary talent, the Teaching-scientific Council of the Academy granted her accelerated studies. Ivana completed her Bachelor studies in 2019, in just three years with an average grade of 10. She is currently in Master studies and she is working as a teaching assistant at the Academy of Arts in the subject of piano.

There are over 70 first prizes in her award collection. During her studies, she won 20 International Awards. Some of them are: Sirmium music fest International piano competition 2017, Laureate for all student categories. She was named the best participant in the Junior Academy Eppan 2017 - Music Talent Course in Italy and received an Audience Award; 3rd Malta International Competition 2017; At the 2017 San Dona di Piave Competition in Italy, she won the first prize, the "Con distinzione" special jury award and the audience award at the final Gala Concert of winners of all categories; Stefano Marizza in Trieste, Italy, 3rd prize. She competed in two categories at the Guliano Pecar Competition, where she won the 1st prize and a special jury award as the youngest and most promising finalist; 1st prize Roberto Sellani Milan 2018; Special award from legendary pianist Tamas Vasary for the most promising pianist, Spain Ciudad de Vigo and awards at the sixth and eighth  Isidor Bajic Memorial. She is the recipient of the University of Novi Sad Award for Outstanding Results and Awards for Achievements in Arts Little Prince.

She attended masterclasses with famous professors and pianists such as: Kemal Gekic, Natalia Trul, Andrea Bonata, Jacques Ruvius, Pavel Gililov, Boris Berman…

She has performed numerous solo recitals, has performed at major festivals and humanitarian concerts, and has performed with the famous violinist Roman Simovic and cellist Dragan Djordjevic on Kolarac. In the 2018/19 season she made an artistic accomplishment as she played 8 times as a soloist with an orchestra with three different programs on the most important stages in the region: Concert tour (Debrecen, Budapest, Balaton, Ljubljana) as a soloist with the World Youth Orchestra and famous pianist and conductor Tamas Vasari (Liszt: Concerto No.1 in E flat major), then with the Zrenjanin Chamber Orchestra (Timisoara, Zrenjanin, Novi Sad) Mozart's Concerto in A major k.488 and as a soloist with them Symphony Orchestra of the Academy of Arts in Synagogue, Rachmaninoff - Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini.

She has performed at major cultural centers and halls across Serbia, Romania, Germany, Italy, Malta, Austria, France, Italy, Croatia, Hungary ... She has also recorded for RTV and RTS.

In 2018, she received the award for Best Resital and Best Contestant of the Nei Suoni dei Luoghi Festival in Italy (Udine), and as a prize she received an invitation for a Resital at the elite Trieste 2020 Piano Festival at the famous Verdi Hall. As a result of the previously won awards and performances, she will have numerous international artistic engagements in the coming period.


2019 scholarship holders

Vladimir Aćimović


Vladimir Acimovic was born in Niš (Serbia) in 2002. He finished his principal musical education in the class of prof. Milena Kurteva (Bulgaria). He graduated Music High School Nis in the class of prof. Suzana Novakovic. He was attending lectures with prof. Ilia Tchernaev (Bulgaria). Currently he is studying at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz in the class of Prof. Milana Chernyavskia, as well as at the Faculty of Music Arts of the University of Arts in Belgrade in the class of Prof. Lidija Stankovic. Besides that, he is a scholar of the International Music Academy of Liechtenstein.

He attended masterclasses held by professors Dmitry Bashkirov, Arbo Valdma, Kemal Gekic, Pavel Gililov, Bruno Canino, Milana Chernyavska, Arie Vardi, Ruben Dalibaltayan, Grigory Gruzman… He has been the first prize winner and laureate of numerous national and international competitions.

He has been the first prize winner and laureate of numerous national and international competitions. Follows a list of the prizes won so far:

  • First prize at the International competition held in Šabac (Serbia) in 2010, 2011.
  • Maximum of 100 points won at the international contest “Isola del Sole” held in Grado (Italy) in 2010 in his category, and Grand Prix.
  • First prize at the National Competition held in Belgrade in 2011, 2017.
  • First prize at the EMCY International Competition “Ohrid Pearls” held in Ohrid (Macedonia) in 2012 (with a maximum of 100 points).
  • First prize at the International Contest “New Pianists” held in Sofia (Bulgaria) in 2014 (with the maximum number of points).
  • First prize at the international Competition “Craiova Piano” held in Craiova (Romania) in 2015.
  • First prize and the special prize for performance of the piece of C. Debussy at the International Piano Competition “Virtuosi per musica di pianoforte” in Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic in 2015.
  • First prize International Competition For Young Pianists held in Niš, Serbia in 2010, 2016 (Grand Prix).
  • Second prize at the 8th International Piano Compeition “Isidor Bajic Piano Memorial” held in Novi Sad Serbia, 2016.
  • First prize at the 4th International Competition for Young Pianists “Merci, maestro!” in Brussels, Belgium in 2019

He performed successfully in Serbia, Russia, Czechia, Italy, Bulgaria, Austria , Belgium , Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Romania and Macedonia. He held recitals and performed at the international festivals “Constantinus” and “Nimus” in Niš, at the National Museum of Liechtenstein, European Music Institute in Vienna, Kolarac Music Gallery in Belgrade, concert halls of the Symphony Orchestra and the Synagogue in Niš, and all other big cities of Serbia.

He held his first concerts with orchestra at the age of 10. As a soloist he has performed in Belgrade (Kolarac Foundation), City hall of Belgrade, Nis, Leskovac...

He cooperated with the chamber orchestra “Amoroso”, chamber orchestra “Dusan Skovran”, chamber orchestra “ArtLink”, Nis Symphony orchestra, with conductors Svilen Simeonov, Daniel Moles, Obrad Nedeljkovic, Milena Injac, Djordje Stankovic…

As a representative of the Ministry of Culture of Serbia, he performed as a soloist with the Presidential Orchestra of Russian Federation under the baton of maestro Anton Orlov, the emeritus artist of Russian Federation in the most prestigious hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace, the St George Hall, on the festival “Melodika Pokoleniy” held on the 31st of May 2015 in Moscow, Russia. Vladimir is the laureate of the “Constantinus” prize for 2012, which is awarded to the most promising musicians under 18 and is the scholar of the Ministry of education of Republic of Serbia . Vladimir has also received the Dositeja award from the Ministry of Youth, as well as an award from the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences awarded to the most promising young talents of Serbia for achievements in the field of culture.

Jelena Horvat


Jelena Horvat,was born in 2003 in a family of professional musicians. At the age of 6, she started learning violin in School for Music talents in Ćuprija with professor Dragutin Mladenović.

From the very beginning, this young violinist was performing at the schools concerts, in the most prominent concert halls in the country.

As a soloist, Jelena performed with the orchestra of the school in Romania (Craiova), in Belgrade in the big hall of Kolarac foundation (2012 and 2013), as well as in Monaco, where she performed in front of 800, including the members of the Royal family of Monaco.

At the celebration of 40th anniversary of School for Music talents in December 2013, Jelena performed with the school orchestra in the big concert hall of Kolarac foundation, as well as the soloist at a concert in the National theater in 2014.

For only couple of years playing, she won numerous prizes at both national and international competitions.

The most important is the second prize at the prestigious Kocian Violin Competition in May 2012 in Usti nad Orlici, Czech republic and the second prize in Italy at „Andrea Postacchini” competition in 2014.

After successfully passed audition, Jelena has continued her education from 2015 on "Yehudi Menuhin" school in London, first as the scholarship holder of „Joseph and Drake Calleja“ foundation, and then as the holder of the national scholarship of the United Kingdom.

Jelena is regularly performing at the concerts organized by Menuhin school in both England (Menuhin hall, Wigmor hall) and on the tours abroad in Spain and Switzerland, as a soloist, string quartet member and a chamber orchestra member.

Vuk Ovaskainen


Vuk Ovaskainen was born in Belgrade in 2001 and started playing cello at the age of seven.

He has got the first prize in all Serbian competitions he has taken part in, including four editions of the „State competition“ , „Dušan Protić“, „Petar Konjovic“, He has also received the first prize in „Mozart“ competition in Quinto de Vicentino in Italy, and second prizes in „Heran“ competition in Czech Republic, „ Talents for Europe“ in Slovakia and „Liezen“ in Austria.

He has played 20 recitals in the most important concert halls in Serbia, as well as in Slovenia, Finland and Denmark. He has played as a soloist with orchestras including „Artlink“ Virtuosi and Zemun Chamber Orchestra, as well as chamber music with Stefan Milenković, Magdalena Szczepanowska, Maria Machowska, Pavel Dolezal, Victor-Julien Laferriere, Istvan Vardai, Ognjen Popovic , Giorgio Mandolezi, Tatjana Simonović, Uki Ovaskainen etc.

Vuk is a 4th year student in the mathematical gymnasium in Belgrade, and 2nd year student in the cello class of prof.Sandra Belić at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. He has received „Stanojlo Rajičić“ award in 2015, for the best recital in the gallery of Serbin Academy for Sciences and Arts, and „Artlink“ award in 2017, as the most perspective young music artist in Serbia.

Ivan Jevtić and Dejan Despić have composed for Vuk works for solo cello.


2018 scholarship holders

Jana Jakovljević


Jana Jakovljević was born in 2005 in Belgrade. She is currently a student at the "Yehudi Menuhin" School in Great Britain/ London, class of professor Lutsia Ibragimova and the proven winner of full scholarship for the school year 2018-2019. Jana finished music School "Petar Konjović" in Belgrade in the class of prof. Dusica Mladenovic and professor Dragutin Mladenovic.

 She won numerous awards at domestic and international competitions such as:

  • Grand Prix at the festival of Sloven music in Moscow in 2016;
  • 2nd Prize at the International competition "Arthur Grimiaux" in Brussels (Belgium) 2017;
  • 2 nd Prize at the festival "Boljšoj", Mokra Gora, Serbia, 2017;
  • 1 st Prize at the International competition "Ohrid Pearls" in Macedonia 2014.
  • 3 rd prize at the international competition "Jaroslav Kocian" in the Czech Republic in 2015;
  • Laureate of the Republic competition in Belgrade 2014, 2016 and 2018;
  • 1 st Prize at the International competition of strings in Niš 2015;
  • Laureate of the view of the musical talents of Serbia in Sremski Karlovci in 2013 and 2015.
  • Laureate of the International competition "Young virtuoso" (“Mladi virtuoz”) in Belgrade 2012 and 2015; - Laureate of the Memorial "Dušan Protic" in Belgrade 2013 and 2015;
  • 1 st Prize at the festival "Boljšoj", Mokra Gora, Serbia, 2018.

She is a member of the Art link organisation and the "Art Link virtuoso" orchestra with whom he regularly performs as a soloist. Jana held several solo concerts from which a concert in the gallery of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in 2016 is set aside, and a concert in Gstaad (Switzerland) in 2017. She had several performances with orchestras such as: Accademia Archi de Arrigoni orchestra Italy, Art link virtuoso, orchestra of the school for talent from Cuprija, orchestra of Petar Konjovic music school. Jana is also a member of the "Children's Philharmonic Orchestra" with whom she performed numerous performances as a member of the orchestra and as a soloist.

Ms. Jakovoljevic received a full scholarship for the year 2017-2018. for education in Gstaad (Switzerland) in the class of prof. Hu Kun and Miguel Negri. Participated in master classes and collaborated with artists: Roman Simovic, Stefan Milenkovic, Gordan Nikolic, Ivri Gitlis, Nemanja Radulovic, Pavel Vernjikov, Marko Josifovski, Igor Tkachuk, Timur Meljnik, Tatjana Balašova...

Jana Vukićević


Jana Vukićević was born on 2nd October,2001 in Belgrade. Her musical training started at the age of four, when she became a member and a soloist of the famous children's choir "Kolibri" . She started the violin education at the age of eight and now she is finished Music High School "Dr Vojislav Vučković", Belgrade, Serbia.

  • 2016. - 2018. - Jana attended the International Master Classes, Sardinia, were she worked with Ivry Gitlis, Roman Simovic, Gordan Nikolic, Stefan Milenkovic and Alena Baeva.
  • 2017. - Jana participate in the Verbier Festival, Switzerland, as a junior orchestra member.
  • 2016. - She participate in the summer school - XVIII Musica Mundi chamber music cours and international Festival for young talents, Belgium.

Jana participated and won prizes in many competitions, such as:

  • 2017. - International festival “Stringfest”, Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia, I prize
  • 2016. - Republic competition of music and ballet schools of Serbia, I prize
  • 2015. - Concorso Internationale di esecuzione musicale "Premio Clivis", Rome, Italy, I prize
  • 2015. - 13. International festival Ub, Serbia, I prize
  • 2014. - International Barlassina Young Talents Competition, Milano, Italy, II prize
  • 2013. - International Competition "Tartini", Piran,Slovenia, absolute I prize for the performance
  • 2013. - International Competition "Concorso Mozart", Quinto Vicentino, Italy, laureate
  • 2012. - 56. National festival of music and ballet schools of Serbia, Smederevo, I prize
  • 2011. - Competition 'Young Virtuoso', Belgrade, Serbia, I prize

She was a member of chamber ensembles:

  • 2018. - Republic competition of music and ballet schools of Serbia, DUO, I prize
  • 2016. - Republic competition of music and ballet schools of Serbia, DUO, I prize
  • 2015. - Republic competition of music and ballet schools of Serbia, TRIO, laureate
  • 2015. - 59. National festival of music and ballet schools of Serbia, Negotin, TRIO, laureate
  • 2014. - Republic competition of music and ballet schools of Serbia, DUO, laureate
  • 2013. - Republic competition of music and ballet schools of Serbia, Chamber Orchestra 'Mali Taurunum'- I prize

Jana composed:

  • 2015. - International Composititon Competition "Artistes en Herbe", Luxembourg, III prize
  • 2014. - Republic festival of children's musical creativity 'Children Composers-FEDEMUS', I prize
  • 2013. - International Competition "Tartini", Piran, Slovenia, special award for composition.
  • 2014-2016 Jana participated in many workshops (solo, chamber and orchestra) and concerts for young talents of the artistic association 'ArtLink' music cycle, as well in seminars and concerts within the project "Viva Vivaldi".

Ognjen Milosavljević


Ognjen Milosavljević (10. 01.1999.) started to play the cello at the music school in his hometown of Cacak (prof. Vesna Marković-Tanasković), and he continues at the School for Music Talents in Cuprija (prof. Nevena Busarac). He started his studies at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (2016) in the class of prof. Dragan Djordjevic, but after more than a year he has a great chance to study in Freiburg (Germany) and work with world known cellist and professor Jean-Guihen Queyras. From an early age, this promising cellist performes at school concerts as a soloist, he has performed as a member of the string quartet and the leader of the cello section in the orchestra of his high school. He participates in national and international competitions – Republican competiton of students of music and ballet schools of Serbia, International strings competition in Nis (special award), International Competition "Petar Konjović" in Belgrade, Strings festival "Golden Stairs" Valjevo (the winner of category and laureate of discipline), Republican chamber music competition (laureate), “Stringfest” Sremska Mitrovica, Republican orchestra competition, where he has won many awards.

He appeared as a soloist in the great hall of Kolarac in Belgrade with the Chamber Orchestra "Dušan Skovran" and later he participated in the summer camp "Sistema Europe Youth Orchestra" in Milan (2015), where he played at La Scala "Teatro alla Scala" as leader of the cello section in orchestra "Sinfonica Juvenil de Caracas" from Venezuela, under the baton of maestro Dietrich Paredes's. In summer 2016 he received an invitation to play in the Scandinavian Youth Orchestra “Orkester Norden” on tour in Denmark, Sweden and Finland, and later in September he appears in Chicago (Nichols Hall, Evanston) with his string quartet. He also participadet in KotorArt Festival in Montenegro in orchestra of the festival. In October 2018 he gets an opportunity to play along with his professor Jean-Guihen Queyras at the Cello Biennale Festival in Amsterdam, and also to play on the masterclass with outstanding cellist Kian Soltani.

So far, he collaborated with many artists such as maestro Gustavo Dudamel (Venecuela), Bruno Campo (Graz), Francisco Pacho Flores (Venecuela), Dietrich Paredes (Venecuela), Gavriel Lipkind (Frankfurt), Igor Coretti Kuret (Trieste), Sreten Krstić (Munich), Marina Horak (Ljubljana), Dejan Dačić (Grac), Imre Kalman (Novi Sad), Orfej Simić (Klagenfurt), Gordan Nikolić (Amsterdam), Maja Avramovic (Berlin), Roman Simović (London), Stefan Milenkovic, Stefan Popov (London), Maja Bogdanovic (Paris), Lawrance Foster (Los Angeles) and many others.