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Invitation to the seminar
"Silent leadership", by the Danish conductor Peter Hanke from the University of Oxford


We invite friends and donors of the Foundation “Dobar glas” to take part in the unique seminar/workshop "Silent leadership". The program is intended for leaders and executive management of organizations, and it will be held on November 30th, 2022., in Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment in Belgrade.

It is a workshop specially designed for practical and special experience of leadership and management principles, led by the conductor Peter Hanke, a lecturer from "Saïd Business School", Oxford University. The uniqueness of this event lies in the fact that Peter, in cooperation with the Foundation “Dobar glas”, organizes the workshop in synergy with young talents from the chamber orchestra of the Foundation “Dobar glas” for the first time ever!

In this unique program, specially designed for this occasion, The Foundation “Dobar glas” and Peter will present a role of a leader from different perspectives, through the work with the orchestra. Seminar participants will have an exclusive practical opportunity to witness the work process of preparing a concert from the point of view of each member of the orchestra, as well as to try out the possibilities of leading a team without words from the conductor's perspective.

The entire program is designed interactively and is directly aligned with the managerial role of a leader in companies, in a completely new and refreshing way. Peter has defined and implemented the concept of the program with some of the world's largest companies, at the executive level of their management. In the words of Peter Hanke:

…The workshop combines a musical conducting masterclass with philosophical coaching. Sitting blended amongst the musicians, participants are invited to explore their leadership by stepping into the role of the conductor for a group of professional musicians. With a high level of transparency, the workshop shines a spotlight on deep and essential aspects of personal leadership preferences, including power relations, followership, sense of timing and decision making in specialised organisations...

This kind of seminar/workshop is realized for the first time in both our country and continental Europe, and it provides a unique opportunity for participants to explore new fields of leadership and improve their skills through an original and creative process. By participating in this seminar/workshop, you are not only investing in your personal improvement, but you are also offering the support to young musical talents to collaborate with a top conductor. Moreover, you are helping the Foundation “Dobar glas” in its efforts to support their further development and education.

The Chamber Orchestra of the Foundation “Dobar Glas” was formed with the idea of providing young and talented artists with the experience of playing in an orchestra and giving them the opportunity to learn and work with some of the most important artists. The members of the orchestra are students of Music Academies from Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš, as well as students of the School for Musical Talents from Ćuprija, and the leaders of the sections are some of the prominent members of the Belgrade Philharmonic orchestra.

The Foundation “Dobar Glas” was founded in 2009 with the idea of providing material resources, through its own engagement and commitment, to support the education of young talents in the field of musical art. By supporting young artists in further training, the Foundation wants to contribute to a better representation of Serbia in the world.


Our goal:

To help young talents to get the best education, to become visible and to get the possibility to create in the fields they love.

Young soloists:

Give a fish to a man and you will feed him for a day.
Teach him how to fish, and you will feed him for life.

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