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Nenad Ivović


The Foundation “Dobar glas” is a unique in Serbia. It is an organization that has the need and wish to encourage, develop and nourish love towards classical music. In that sense, it has the feeling for young people, not yet affirmed talents, and their need for the artistic development and perfecting their knowledge with the world famous professors. Very often, at the very beginning, of that path, financial problems appear. This is where the Foundation is willing to offer its help. This is how young talents get the chance to open the door and step into the world of music on more developed levels. I am one of them, who needed more than talent and knowledge to enter the prestigious YALE University. I needed a financial support for many preparation procedures without which I wouldn’t be able to enter this university, even though I passed the entrance exam.

I am very grateful for the trust they have given to me.

An obligation and a pleasure of all of us supported by the Foundation “Dobar glas”, having finished our education, is to selflessly share our knowledge and skills with the other people, not only professionals, but also the audience and classical music lovers..

Jana Vukićević


Music is my path, and a violin the main instrument of my artistic expression. Further education and development is obligatory for the things I aim for- to perform all around the world, along with talented musicians, new generation that will impress the audience in famous classical music halls. The obstacle for my plans is usually a lack of finances. I can thank the Foundation “Dobar glas” for helping me fulfill one of my plans- a collaboration with prof. Igor Malinovsky in Dresden. I got the chance to play with the orchestra of School for Music Talents from Ćuprija at Gala concert of the Foundation “Dobar glas” in Kolarac concert hall.

The Foundation “Dobar glas” encourages and empowers young talents and contributes to culture development in Serbia. To myself personally, it is a proof that work and investment pay off, and a motif to work more and represent my country better. Through this example, both me and the other young talents supported by the Foundation “Dobar glas”, learn about the importance of giving, so that we offer our help to future young artists.

Jana Jakovljević


In May 2018, I performed as a soloist at Gala concert of the Foundation “Dobar glas” in Kolarac concert hall. It was one of my most favourite performances because I performed with the orchestra of School for Music Talents from Ćuprija, led by Roman Simović and Dragan Đorđević. From 2018, I have been studying at "Yehudi Menuhin" School in London, as a scholarship holder, and The Foundation “Dobar glas” has supported my travel expenses. I hope that, in the future, I will be able to participate in some other concerts organized by them.

Natalija Stošić


Going to PRISMA festival to Canada, from the initial idea to the realization, would not be possible if there wasn`t for the Foundation “Dobar glas”. The audition was done via the internet, I sent my biography and the recordings of my concerts. After only few weeks’ time, I was informed that I was accepted with the scholarship that covered all the expenses apart from the travel expenses. As I was not able to afford that on my own without both financial support and the encouragement of the Foundation “Dobar glas”, this festival would only be one lost opportunity.

For me as a musician, this travel was enormous experience and the step forward. I collaborated with the renown and world famous musicians. There were concertmasters of the orchestras from Los Angeles, Finland, Vancouver and the Netherlands. I got great experience as solo, orchestra and chamber performer. The contacts and the recommendations I got will be an important references for all the future auditions that I plan to take. Also, thanks to the attendance of PRISMA festival, I got the chance to attend the master class held in Stockholm. I spent seven days there, performed at the concerts and leave stream master classes and made very important connections.

My musical experience is enriched with a different performing tradition, comparing to European, and in that sense, I can see the differences and accept the things that suit me as a performer.

I am thankful to the Foundation “Dobar glas” for the trust they have given to me and for the belief that I will use this given opportunity which brought me more than I expected.

Danijela Jović

The director of School for Music talents in Ćuprija, violinist

It is a priviledge knowing and collaborating with successful business people who have the understanding for the art, and who offer the support to young talents on their path towards the development and success.

I am glad that the Foundation “Dobar glas” has chosen to collaborate with the School for Music Talents from Ćuprija

Jelena Horvat


I have the honour of collaborating with Dobar glas foundation since I was a child. The chances that I was given by them were the most amazing memories of my childhood. I remember with happiness the moment of my performance at the age of 10 at the concert in Kolarac to mark the celebration of 40 years’ anniversary of School for Music talents, in collaboration with Dobar glas foundation. I will also never forget the tour in Monaco, where I had the chance to perform for Prince Albert II. To play at the concerts, to listen to other performers and the tours in the foreign countries, in my opinion, are the most important for the musical development of young artists. In summer 2019, with the support of Dobar glas foundation, I had the chance to participate in violin master course with the most prominent professors in Austria.

Dobar glas foundation has been successfully helping young musicians to have experiences like this. I deeply support them and thank them for all that they have been doing.

Dušan Vilić


I would say that Dobar glas foundation is characterized by the special sense for young talents, recognizing those who are on their path to become great artists. That path also requires devotion, persistence and the support of the closest people. Unfortunately, the most frequent obstacle towards fulfilling the dreams of a young artist is the lack of finances. In that sense, the support of Dobar glas foundation at the very beginning of career to those who have obvious qualities, potential and healthy ambitions is the most important.

I was lucky myself to have such support while I was a student of the second year of studies. Dobar glas foundation estimated that my talent and professional abilities deserve such support and the help was immensely important for me and at the right moment while I was studying abroad.

Today, working as a permanent conductor of Volgograd Philharmonic orchestra I remember that with great warmth and gratitude and I am always ready to share both my professional and life experience with young artists willing to devote their life to music.

Ivana Damjanov Ilić


“Dobar Glas” foundation has a strong idea of supporting young talented musicians in Serbia and helping them develop their careers, perform and educate abroad. Young musicians in Serbia, unfortunately, do not have a lot of opportunities for progress and concert career, especially not in current times of crisis. Therefore the importance of “Dobar Glas” foundation is absolutely invaluable. I am hououred to be chosen as “Dobar Glas” foundation scholarship holder and therefore get the chance to develop my performance and to participate in international competitions no matter the current situation. I am grateful for a chance to participate in Gala concert of the foundation when I got the opportunity to perform in a trio with a violinist, Romanom Simović and a cellist, Dragan Đordević.

I would like to thank “Dobar Glas” foundation once again for everything they have done for culture and classical music in Serbia, giving support and acknowledgement to young artists that their work will pay off. I am also very eager about the future concerts in the organization of “Dobar Glas” foundation.

Sofija Dodig


I met Nemanja Radulović as a ten- year old, when he visited my music school. While I was listening to him with fascination, as he was talking about his own musical journey, I could not imagine that, five years in the future and thanks to “Dobar Glas” foundation, I will get the opportunity to learn from this big violinist. The lessons with him came at the right moment, since because of numerous limitations in this time of pandemic, it is very difficult to find the motivation for work and progress. Nemanja’s inspirational and bright spirit, positive attitude and, most of all, valuable advice opened a new door in a world of music to me and gave me enthusiasm to continue working with more energy. I am grateful to “Dobar Glas” foundation for offering a chance to young musicians, because working with such a big artist is an invaluable experience for us.

Dunja Kalamir


“Dobar Glas” foundation surprised me very pleasantly with the possibility of having a few lessons with Nemanja Radulovic. In a year with a lot of difficulties for all musicians, these lessons were a very big support and encouragement. Nemanja is one of the most inspiring musicians I have ever worked with and the lessons with him were something truly amazing. Along with the invaluable advice I have got, I can say that this experience made me remind myself of the reasons I love music and after all these months without performances, made me believe that wonderful things can happen no matter the pandemic. I think that the work with big artists is a very important part of the development of young musicians and I am deeply grateful to the foundation for enabling me to have this experience.

Ognjen Milosavljević


Another strong inspiration, great encouragement and unreserved support for my development path is the trust I got from the Foundation “Dobar glas”. Aware of the sacrifices and investments necessary for achieving goals, my wish is to share my knowledge with the others. My great inspiration is the idea of the support that the Foundation “Dobar glas” has, and that I wish to offer to the young talents in Serbia in the future. It would be a great pleasure to participate not only in the art development, but also in the encouragement of the awareness of the importance of helping each others for the sake of future times. I had a great chance to gain new experience performing at the concerts organized by the Foundation “Dobar glas”. The concert I would especially like to emphasize is the concert in Chicago, where I performed together with my quartet, and in the same time, I got the unique chance to present my hard work. I am greatly thankful to the Foundation “Dobar glas” and its members. They made my education considerably easier, and the new goal I myself have is inspired by their idea, with the hope to create better future together.

Boža Radosavljević

Violin teacher in the School for Music Talents from Ćuprija

I am deeply thankful to the Foundation “Dobar glas” for the help and support it has been giving to young talented musicians in Serbia, and especially the students of the School for Music Talents from Ćuprija!

It is not easy to leave the trail behind!

It is not easy to list all the charity events of the Foundation “Dobar glas” during all these years!

I would like to mention only one of the recent supports that is offered to my ex- student, now student at the master program, Natalija Stošić. She was enabled to go to Canada to a master class!

Being in Canada was greatly important for Natalija!

Gaining such professional experience is of the outmost importance for a talented, skillful, hardworking young person!

Natalija got the chance to learn this spring in Italy, Canada, and Sweden…

I thank you greatly for all you do for this children that decided to devote themselves to music, the queen of all art! I believe that classical music is elitist and I hope to be forgiven for this attitude... When a young man decides to have classical music for his profession, he then listens more to his heart than to his mind.

We have to admit- when we have different people or nations in front of our eyes, we somehow always think of their famous scientists and artists (painters, architects, actors or musicians), and only after that we think of their rulers, politicians or state secretaries…

It is not easy to leave the trail!

Once again, thank you!

Vuk Ovaskainen


I would like to thank Dobar glas foundation for the fortunate opportunity of giving me the scholarship to participate in the competition Instrumentalwettbewerb.

It was a very nice experience seeing so many good cellists there. It is the first time I have experienced something like that. People of different ages, from 17 to 30 years old, coming from all around the world, from five different continents. Listening to some of them, I got the inspiration to work harder and to make progress, and I also met many of them and got few friends among them.

Thanks to this scholarship I got the chance to meet six important cellists that were in a competition jury. I have learned that there are the competitions without tension and unnecessary competitive emotions. The only thing one had to do was to go out and relax. I didn’t succeed in what I was hoping for, but I really enjoyed and I experienced many interesting events.

I am grateful to the Dobar glas foundation for this chance!

Marija Radovanović


In 2020 I was honoured to be a scholarship holder of “Dobar Glas” foundation. Although I have been engaged in music since I was seven, I haven’t had a chance to get my own instrument, both a violin and a bow, suitable for my ambitions and sound quality I strive to have. I have always been performing on borrowed violins that I would have to return after some time. That requires constant adaptation and getting used to a new instrument. A financial part of the scholarship is bringing me one step closer to the possibility of buying my own instrument. That will make my progress considerably faster. This is why I would like to say thank you to “Dobar Glas” foundation one more time.

Aleksandra Kindjić


When I found out that I am one of the scholarship holders, I was very pleasantly surprised and deeply honoured. I was very impressed with the fact that I was chosen among a big number of exceptional young musicians. And I was very happy because I got the chance to perform at another concert. I had an idea to use the scholarship for two important master classes for oboa in 2020, but unfortunately, due to pandemic, they were cancelled. But, the scholarship arrived at the right moment. I succeeded in fulfilling my dream and entered Music academy in Geneva, to study with famous oboist and professor Alexei Ogrintchouk, therefore using the scholarship for the financial part of the studies.

I am very happy because there is such a noble thing in our country as the foundation, that offers young musicians a chance to present ourselves and help us in fulfilling our dreams. I hope to have a chance to collaborate with the foundation in the future and I will give my best to justify the trust they have offered to me.

Andjela Josifoski


My name is Anđela Josifoski, I am 14 years old and I come from a family of professional musicians. I have been attending Music school “Kosta Manojlović” in Zemunu. I have been playing violin since I was six, and I started playing viola last year. I have been studying with professor Sanda Dramićanin and Aleksandra Kojanović. I entered the final round of “Dobar Glas” scholarship competition and therefore got the chance to attend a master class with Nemanje Radulovića. It was a wonderful and a very interesting experience. I would like to thank both Nemanja Radulović and “Dobar Glas” foundation for supporting young musicians.

Salko Lekić


A master course with Nemanja Radulović was a chance for me to meet another big artistic soul in our World of Music. With his performance and his knowledge, he transfers an enormous energy on his students and supports young artists on their way to success. I am grateful to “Dobar Glas” foundation for succeeding to organize such a fabulous and important thing in this catastrophe that got us all, as well as to Mr Nemanja Radulović for amazing time and music! Thank you!