Slaven Balać


S laven Balac was born on 03/04/2003 in Novi Sad, Serbia. A son of Mirjana and Slobodan Balac, shows an interest in music as early as he is seven and becomes his father's student. Since then he has actively been participating in defining his own musical practice, looking for concepts which lead towards an ideal notion of mastering the skill on the clarinet. After recognizing that the clarinet is their son's ideal construction of musical expression, his parents have decided to devote their own musical ambitions to their son, supporting him in realization of strategical goals and operational performances which define one's performing work and developing stages of a personal musical expression.

In order to fully dedicate himself to the clarinet, fulfilling personal standards and ambitions for success in the field of art, he successfully completed the process of accelerated elementary education in the elementary school. Currently, he is the second year student on the Mozarteum University in Salzburg (Austria) with prof. Wenzel Maria Fuchs. His diligent, self-confident work and persistent practice, by performing works of genius clarinetists, attracts a wide public, both national and foreign, attention to his confidence in the performance of the clarinet. Slaven is a holder of 34 first rewards and 3 laureates, 1 Gran pri, 8 second and 2 third rewards in Serbia, France, Italy, Macedonia, The Czech Republic, Slovenia, Russia, Belorussia, and Romania.

At a prestigious Mc-Gill University in Canada he attended a masterclass held by professor Alain Desgagne from Montreal, Quebec, (Canada), and by professor David Krakauer from the USA. He studied at classes and master classes with professors Sabine Meyer, Wenzel Maria Fuchs, Ralph Manno, Sofia Molchanova (Germany), professor Paolo Beltramini (Italien/Switzerland), professor Esteban Valverde Colares (Spanien), professor Sérgio Fernandes Pires (Portugal), professor Han Kim (Korea), professor Andrej Zupan (Slovenia), professor Damien Bachmann (Switzerland), professor Horia Dumitrache and professor Emil Visenescu (Romania) as part of the International Academy and Festival.

As a solo-performer he performed with the string orchestra of M.S. "Isidor Bajic" from Novi Sad and with a string orchestra of “Morohalom” from Hungary. As a chamber musician he performed in a concert hall of Kolarac Pious Endowment in the state-room of Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.

He is a regular member and a solo-performer of the Young Philharmonic Orchestra "Borislav Pascan " and he played with them in the National Theater in Belgrade conducted by maestro Djordje Pavlovic (Serbia) end Vjaceslav Bortnovskij (Belarus). He was honored to perform in the Serbian Palace before the President Countrise of Serbia.

So far, he has had eighteen solo-concerts in Serbia, Hungary and Bosnia and Hercegovina, as well as over 250 public performances in Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, France, The Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Canada, Russia, Austria, Belarus and Romania. Since 2017 Slaven is a member of the Association of Music Artists of Serbia as the youngest member and also a member of “ISME” Australia and Silverstein Artist, Silverstein Global Work, New York USA.